How to write an article that is SEO friendly ( Helpful guide )

How to write an article that is SEO friendly

Writing an article and publishing it isn’t easy as any one can say. Writing an article whether for newspaper or online has process for each type of course. Finding a bad written article isn’t very difficult, we don’t have a shortage of that and when you are a blogger, content maker, content marketer, or journalist you should know or we have to say it’s a must for you to know the process , the writing process there was an advertisement that was factbook sponsored it got many spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes and illogical format, reacts on it wasn’t about the ad itself!! Can you guess what it was about?? Yes, my dear it was about the bad spelling and grammar.

I don’t think most people don’t know the following

TIP: Facebook is charging this company for each one of those comments!

Every time someone says, “You guys need to proofread” and 25 people ‘like’ that comment, they’re paying huge chunks of money to Facebook for allowing them to accrue negative social proof.

 It is a Sad thing, isn’t it?

You can make money from writing, but I think there is something will make more money and it is all about the writing! It will better to have a clear, effective and well-organized article format that add a value for the readers. We need more impact starters not just mangers !! so what is the difference between these two words? Just before reading the answer get yourself couple of minutes in trying to brainstorm the head and know the answer!

PS: You will need that word (Brainstorming) later so keep it in your mind!

Now hopefully you got the answer if not. let’s know it together

Manger: is the who accept the world as it is and try to manage it to get most of it, maybe he\she will manage to do that or unfortunately he\she will fail!!but let’s talk about the second term

Movement\impact starter: He\she is what the world is seeking for they are the influencers people are looking for. So, start to make a real impact

Now we must confirm on that writing process isn’t something you can learn from just one article or one practical practice. So, let’s start by introducing the whole steps of the process then explain it one by one

Writing Process


When hearing this term for the first time you need to know its meaning, what does this concept refers to?

Brain storming is the process of creating ideas, generating as many as possible ideas it doesn’t matter how crazy or unreachable, they are.

Brainstorming has some rules read it carefully and please try to get some notes for yourself

In order to come up with a good idea, you must come up with many ideas.

 The first rule of brainstorming is

To come up with as many ideas as you possibly can.

Some of the ideas will not be good. If you start analyzing the ideas while you are generating them, the creative process will quickly come to the end, and you may miss out on some great ideas.

The second rule for brainstorming sessions is

To defer judgment

The Third rule for brainstorming is

To come up with the most imaginative solution to your problem that you can.

Often, we might not consider a solution because of assumptions constraintsقيود. However, sometimes those solutions, even if you do not end up implementing them, can lead you to a successful solution.

So along with deferring judgment, allow those ideas that might be considered crazy to flow.

One of those crazy ideas might just contain the seeds of the perfect solution Allow creativity and imagination to take over in this phase of the process.

The Fourth rule for brainstorming is

Finally, use early ideas as springboards to other ideas.

This is called “piggybacking”

For sure we will talk about how to generate as many as possible ideas but that will be in a sperate article because it is very important topic, we need to learn too much out it.


Outlining an article is like settling the foundation of a building. It is the backbone of the article you want, and if you made a good structure -outline- for your article the hardest part is over after that you will be like filling your words in it. It is like:

The outline allows you as a copy writer to mix your ideas and form it in a reasonable agreement. Just try it and stop making sloppy, ill-informed, incoherent pieces of writing.

if you can learn to create great outlines, writing will be the easiest thing in the world.

How to make an outline for an article

The first step in creating an outline is to identify the parameters of your article

You want to work from the most broad to the most specific.

So, create a title (or a working title that identifies the main topic), define the sub headings, and fill in the main points that you want to address.


Title: 5 Steps for Creating an Article (main heading)

Brainstorm (sub heading)

Chaotic mess of ideas. Storm of the brain. (main point)

Important step that many people miss. (main point)

Allows for creative thought to flourish. Originality. (main point)

No such thing as a bad idea. All ideas can become useful. (main point)

Three kinds of useful ideas: (main point)

Completely original. (sub point)

Not original but unique angle. (sub point)

Unique but not original angle. (sub point)

How to brainstorm: (main point)

Clear mind. (sub point)

Identify pain points. (sub point)

Solve or explore pain points. (sub point)


Everyone want to know how to make an article that is SEO friendly and increases his\her rank so here is the secret !!!!

There is no secret !!!!!!

There’s no magic bullet for being an effective writer. There are only years of trial and error and even more years of consistent practice. That’s the path to the top. Anyone that tells you otherwise is being dishonest and just wants to take your money.

You have to learn what works, practice it, refine it, and persist. There’s no other way.

How to write an article

Know your niche

Know what type of writing you want to be is it humor or serous, long blocks of text or you can write short, one sentence paragraphs.

For SEO it is very important to know key words for your article and doing a research about that is one of the most important aspects of writing SEO friendly article.

PRO tip:

 If the piece is for millennials with short attention spans, you may want to use simple words and incorporate lots of white space.

If you’re writing for business executives who work at a dog food company, you may want to use lots of technical jargon and throw out lots of data.

When writing your article try to be authentic, exuberant, natural and arthritis with your writing.


Don’t be one of those writers who just write and think the world will appreciate it

 I can understand why no one likes to edit.

Apart from it being time consuming, it also means needing to be completely honest with yourself about what your strengths and weaknesses are as a writer.

As you edit, you’re going to come across some really uncomfortable and awkward phrases, statements, and ideas that will make you look really bad.

But it’s better that you come across those things first before your audience does.

Editing is all about making sure everything that needs to be said is said completely, effectively, clearly, and efficiently.

You need to make sure that you’re putting yourself into an attractive light.

And that should be seen as a good thing.

Because here’s the truth that many people tend to forget:

Editing is a luxury.

How to edit your article

When editing an article, you need to become an objective observer.

You need to pretend that you’re reading someone else’s work. Pretend that your friend wrote the article, and then offer “them” some advice.

If possible, put the article down after it’s written and only edit it the next day. This will give you some time to let all the emotion of writing wear off before reviewing it.

Maintaining a distant perspective is crucial to the editing process. This is why it’s one of the hardest skills to master, but also the reason why it’s so important to do.

You’re putting yourself in the reader’s shoes and being 100% objective about the quality of the work.

Editing is an art form in itself, but there are some general things to do.

When editing, you need to guarantee that:

The points made are clear and understandable.

All body text is directly referencing and expanding upon the heading.

The information is laid out in a consistent way.

There are no lapses in logic.

Everything is said with maximum efficiency.

The overall piece is well-written and compelling


How To Proofread An Article?

This is the final step of the article production.

It is the ultimate guarantee of quality assurance.

Here is where you:

Double check that the edits previously made make sense and are free of mistakes.

Make sure that there are no misspellings or grammatical errors anywhere.

Check that the formatting is correct and there are no front-end issues in viewability.

Ensure that the overall piece is perfect and free from any kind of error.

You should proofread until the piece is spotless. That means that if you read it once and you find an error, re-read it until you can’t find any more errors.

Ideally, you should proofread a day or so after you’ve made your final edits. This will put everything into a fresh perspective where the emotions of writing and editing are completely removed.

Always proofread at least twice. You should really proofread more than twice (until it’s perfect), but if you’re short on time, do it at least twice.

I often proofread once, find no errors, proofread again, and find several errors. Errors will pop out the more you read it.

After you’ve done your proofreads, you can be confident in knowing that the article you’ve produced is the best possible representation of your work.

Nothing else can make it better.

Your article is shiny, beautiful, and ready to be shared with the world.

Published on: 6/23/19, 7:49 PM