Why shorten links is important? ( A helpful illustrated guide )

What we do?

short, URL shortener is a service is used to make actual and long web address (URL) shorter. It’s a kind of redirection, in which the shortened URL gets redirected to the lengthy original URL. For example, here this URL is a shortened one which is redirected to this URL which is pretty lengthy.

Some other common names that are used to describe URL shorteners are URL redirection, URL generator, URL shrinker and URL forward.

Use of shortening URLs

Other than Bloggers and webmasters, URL shorteners are greatly useful for people who engage in internet conversations, chats, forums etc. The popularity of Shortening URLs has skyrocketed when sites like Twitter has the limit of 140 characters per tweet. Tweeting with original lengthy URLs takes the entire character limit and you don’t have enough space to leave a message. Really a tweet will be annoying if it contains only URL and without a message in it.

Other than that, shortened URLs are easily manageable, you can track no of clicks, easy for sharing. Moreover, shortened URLs encourage users with more clicks than normal lengthy URL. So here comes the list of free URLs shortener services to shorten your links.

Why to use Cash-URLs

Cash-URLs is URL shrinker. You can shorten, shrink and redirect URLs. Cash-URLs keeps all the details and you can track the number of clicks made on that URL, which will be useful for affiliate      

Cash-URLs has an easy to use interface. You can create and track short URLs with your Cash-URLs account. With Cash-URLs our shortened links will never expire. You can track all your URLs with real time statistics, you can track clicks with user IP, date and hour.

Cash-URLs is that URL shortener service that pays you for shortening links. Ads will be displayed on each URL that is created in our website.

With Cash-URLs you can create short URLs (with custom links) and share it to twitter. It is bit uneasy to manage your URLs when compared to the above list. Cli.gs has a bookmarklet for your browser in which you can shorten URL quickly the next time.

Published on: 6/15/19, 5:13 PM