Why you should use Cash-URLs service

Why you should use Cash-URLs service

postings with really long addresses, taking really long and unwieldy Web links (to an Amazon or eBay item, for example), and shrinking them down to a more reasonable size can make it very annoying to attach on business post so that it what you have to do to beautify and shorten your link with us,

Simply copy and paste the offending URL into the field, hit enter, and voila, you'll get a much shorter link. These shorter links can then be shared via IM or e-mail without the URL breaking, and they are also very useful with micropublishing tools such as Twitter, where character count is at a premium.

These shortened links redirect the links straight to the original address.

One of Cash-URLs’ most appealing features is that the short URLs it creates will never ever expire. and also, It has a very clean interface without a lot of ads. Cash-URLs services deal for mobile use, since the page is very phone-friendly, and the URL itself is really short (https://cash-urls.com/). The short URL is also good for Twitter, because of its character count limit.

We are pride ourselves on offering a very smooth services without any interruption. Cash-URLs is quite possibly the cutest link shortening site ever, with an adorable theme and statistics for your links and earnings it's just so cute!!!

Cash-URLs service can be used with YouTube links also so you can attach it to your blog or Facebook page

 You need to grab YouTube video ID from original video URL and add it to the website then you will get the new one, PS: you forgot to put a http:// before youtu.be/qwerty if you don’t, twitter won’t recognize the shortened link as a link.

Published on: 6/15/19, 5:11 PM