ما هو اختصار الروابط؟

اداه اختصار الروابط هي اداه بسيطه تاخذ عنوان الرابط الطويل وتحوله الى اي عنوان رابط قصير كما تريده ان يكون

أريد ان أوضح ان الاختصار URL هو نفس الاختصار الارتباط... هو نفسه كرابط شريكر... المكثف URL.... اعتقد ان هذه كلها مغطاه انها جميعا طرق مختلفه للقول نفس الشيء ، وهو اننا نريد ان ناخذ شيئا طويلا وقبيحا ، ثم جعله قصيرة وجذابة. للحفاظ علي بسيطه Cash-URLs.

Published on: 12/31/19, 2:10 PM

Why shorten links is important?

URL shortener is a service is used to make actual and long web address (URL) shorter. It’s a kind of redirection, in which the shortened URL gets redirected to the lengthy original URL. For example, here this URL is a shortened one which is redirected to this URL which is pretty lengthy.


Published on: 6/15/19, 5:13 PM

Why you should use Cash-URLs service

postings with really long addresses, taking really long and unwieldy Web links (to an Amazon or eBay item, for example), and shrinking them down to a more reasonable size can make it very annoying to attach on business post so that it what you have to do to beautify and shorten your link with us,

Published on: 6/15/19, 5:11 PM

How Cash-URLs is working
Did you know that anytime you share your link or link to a piece of content…
You are leaving money on the table if you ignore this post because you could shorten links and earn money.
I’m going to show you how to use them to make extra money with our site and put them all to the test once and for all.

Published on: 6/12/19, 3:21 PM